The name Balninkai (Balnike) was mentioned for the first time on November 1, 1338 in a trade agreement signed by the Duke of the Lithuanian Grand Duchy Gediminas. According to the signed document, Balninkai was included among settlements which guaranteed safety for merchants traveling between Vilnius and Riga.

In the second half of the 16th century the King of the Lithuanian-Polish Commonwealth Žygimantas Augustus gave Balninkai the Magdeburg rights and a coat of arms – a silvery eight-cornered star on a red background.

Now Balninkai (pop. 497) is the center of the parish and community. The town has a beautiful gothic style church, elementary school, a library with a folklore museum, and a gallery with the paintings and glass works made by local and national artists. The town also has a leisure time activity centerm, ambulance service, and the Community Center of Balninkai, a not-for-profit, non-government organization.

Balninkai is located on the shores of two scenic lakes – Piršenas and Alaušai – which make it a fine place to live as well as visit.

Our town offers ideal conditions for quiet and wholesome family vacations. The gradual slope of the lake bottom make Lake Alaušai a safe bathing place for everyone including children and disabled persons.

There are eleven families involved in ecological farming in Balninkai. You are welcome to the resort facilities of Laima and Vladas Telksniai all year round.

The New Music Program

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Study And Learn Spanish

Recently the school expanded it's language center and new teachers for French and Spanish have been hired. This marks a significant point in the history of the school and its belief that all students should be fluent in at least one second langage in order to stand the best chance of success later on when entering the work force.

Aside from books, online courses are also being used such as this resource providing Spanish vocabulary practice through the use of cognates and the 2,000 most common Spanish words. This program will also tie in nicely with our series of flamenco guitar lessons taught by José Hernández, lessons are each Tuesday afternoon at the school center music room.

School History

Balninkai school is mentioned from old times. There was a little house for teachers in 16 century. About 5-6 court children learned in pariah school in 1676. 31 students were atschool in 1781. Students were learned Polish language. School was closed after revolt in 1863. Pusvaskyte and Kuleviciute were teaching children to read and pray confidential. School “Narodnaja ucilisca” were established in 1903. 40 students learned in this school Russian language. School was began to build in 1905(by Pirsenas lake). 10 places Common house were built near the school. This school became academy in 1937. There learned 160 students. But there were not enough place so building were rent in the center of the town. Every year school became bigger and bigger and in 1958 school moved into the masonry house. This house is one of the oldest in the town. It was built in 1840 as grain depot.

Secondary school became from 1955. In 1966 was built annex. There were about 300 students. Common house was 60 places because students from Ukmerge, Anyksciai and Moletai districts learned at school Their houses were 6-12 km from school.

Students’ growth stopped in 1980. Every year students were less and less in school. There wasn’t common house any longer. School became basic from 2001. Dapkuniskiai department was opened from 2003.